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Course Reviews:
TestDirector Comprehensive - Course Review:
"I've just completed "test driving" QATraining's TestDirector training course, and have found it to be very easy to use & comprehend. The course provides a comprehensive introduction to using TestDirector; taking advantage of lab's, video clips, best practice insights, and keep you on-your-toes quizzes. I have no reservations recommending this course to anyone who wants to learn TD at their own pace or in the comfort of their own office - definitely a quality offering"
Steve Splaine Author of Testing Web Security & Web Testing Handbook
WinRunner Comprehensive - Course Review:
"The Basic WinRunner online training class developed by QA Training Network  is a smart solution for those who care to learn at an 'outside of classroom' pace or for those who prefer not to incur the costs of traveling to a training site. The online training is hosted by, and since it is web-based requires very little in the way of preparation on the user end. The user simply needs to log into the site and choose the training class and section they wish to study.
The presentation is smart and takes advantage of various media. The user engages in a presentation-like environment that uses text, pictures, audio, and video. And since the training presentation does not take over the user's PC, the user has the ability to switch back and forth between the training class and WinRunner to have the hands-on experience themselves.
I've found the training easy to navigate and overall very user-friendly, further enhancing the learning experience. Overall,'s online training is beneficial and a viable alternative to classroom instruction."
Jordan Gottlieb - QA Manager, Qualitech Solutions, Inc.

Course Feedback:

"I have just completed the on new line course at QATraining for TestDirector 7.6 and I have taken away a lot of information on the application that would have very difficult to absorb in the classroom atmosphere.
The live demos and Shawn’s explanations kept it interesting and lively.  It almost seemed as if he was hear discussing it with me and anticipating my questions.
The new screens and graphics are easy to use, understand making learning TestDirector the focus of the class. The screen shots included were perfect visuals,
I highly recommend this as an alternative to the classroom, and personally do like it better since I was able to work at my own pace, re-reading or re-listening when I didn’t understand a point."
Jean James, CSTE from J.James Consulting, Inc. - St Paul, MN (3/03)
"It was clearly an outstanding training program which was made all the more effective by the use of many video demonstrations, lab exercises and quizzes."
Felicia Blackwell from Symantec Corporation - California (3/03)
"The WinRunner and TestDirector are two great courses to have and take online. The courses are perfectly designed for the new to experienced users of automated testing. Good tips are given along the way. Here you can learn as quick or slow as you need to go and as your time permits. Being a contractor, these courses have helped me become more indispensable in a shrinking employment market."
Michael von Ruecker, Senior QA - St. Louis, Missouri (2/03)
"Great online course, it helped me to prepare and continue automation process in my company. I would recommend to others and I already have. One of my colleagues is taking an Advanced WinRunner course."
Ivan Marinkovic from Trango Software/Siemens - Canada
"I would like to recommend to others because it's a good way to introduce fundamental testing using WR to newbie's, and still be used as a very good refresher course to more experienced testers familiar with WR and TD"
Robert Kaschmitter from WebLink Wireless - Texas
"I thought the presentation gave a great feeling of competence with the software. Your tips and tricks saved many months of hard-learned lessons! The presentation is direct and useful. The logical flow promotes a sense of competency and comfort with the application"
Stephen Duncan from Ignition MTS - Canada
"Excellent presentation and excellent teaching and learning experience. I will definitely be recommending it!"
Virgilio Corres - New Jersey
"I am a new tester and trying to come up on the curve. This course was excellent! I was able to go back to my co-workers and tell them some things that they hadn't discovered yet!"
S.Johnson - Michigan
"I really like your TestDirector course. Although I used TD before, several very useful and helpful topics and a lot of details were new for me. Also I’d like to mention an excellent service which has been provided all during the course."
Elmira Selimkhanov from iSTARK - Ontario, Canada
"Thanks to your training, I started my new testing job last Thursday"
Your training is well organized & well executed. Great use of media & WEB.
Good use of labs. Your TestDirector & WinRunner courses are very practical and cost effective ways to get up to speed fast. I like the way you modularized the courses.
I could make progress using my available time. The virtual labs were excellent. They let me log hands-on hours with the actual tools."
Tim Looney from Onigum Technology Consulting, Inc. - St Paul, MN
"Thank You very much for excellent training."
Alge Cate, New York
"Very flexible to work with thank you for giving me the time to work at my own pace."
Vivian Diaz Espinosa from Westlaw Public Records, Atlanta GA
"Your training is very helpful and interesting."
Jean Filippini from iSTARK - Ontario, Canada
"Great, thanks much. The course was great. I actually went to the Mercury Training (physical site) for TestDirector last Monday. I'll have to admit, your online course did have some content that was either 1) Not Covered by Mercury or 2) Covered too quickly by them. Your format makes it easy to go back as often as needed until the concepts begin to sink in. Thanks!"
John Flood from Fluor - Irvine, CA
"Highly Recommended. On the whole, the class is very effective in learning WinRunner! Very informative and you can redo the learning process, or the lab if you have a problem understanding the process of the chapter."
Jean Smith from Micromedex - Colorado
"I would recommended it because I learned a great deal from this course, and the course gave me a clear and detailed training on the tool. I think others could benefit from this learning specially if they do not like a classroom setting."
Margarette Noel - Brooklyn, NY
"Verry Effective, I found the course overall very good."
Howard Model - Summit, NJ

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