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     WinRunner 7 Advanced Training


Developed with top quality presentations, content and videos showing you exactly how to perform the features without guessing. This is not the same course offered by Mercury Interactive, but our comprehensive training course developed exclusively by a instructor who's been teaching Mercury courses for the past 10 years. We cover all the areas of WinRunner that you need to know to use it effectively! Our comprehensive training offers more than just introduction and intermediate topics, but we also include 4 advanced topics which make our course the most comprehensive available. In addition, our course covers both Client/Server & Web based environments and much more!. You will be provided with presentations, quizzes, labs and lab solutions for every training section and a final test at the end.

Intermediate - Advanced
Intended Audience
It is intended to teach brand new users to WinRunner7 how to use it. By the conclusion you will know how to develop a fully functional automated test suite that can test a standard GUI and web based application, unattended for hours. You will also know advanced tips and tricks on how to effectively create TSL functions and manipulate databases as well as many other features.
This is a self-paced training course. You will be provided with several presentations, quizzes and labs to perform in order to get some hands-on experience. Estimated time to take the presentation and labs is anywhere from 20 hours to 36 hours. We allow you 30 days to finish the course, but can extend it up to 60 days subject to approval.
Basic testing knowledge and programming background
Training Requirements
- DSL or better internet connection
- Internet Explorer 5+ (Java Script Enabled)
- Windows Media Player 6.4
- Microsoft Word
Lab Exercises
Provided in the self-extracting download is a Microsoft Word document that will explain the lab work. There is also a WinRunner template and solution scripts included that will also be used during the training
Course Outline
The course outline includes the following training chapters or activities:

8.0 Checking the Database
8.1 Checking the Database Quiz
8.2 Checking the Database Lab
9.0 Creating Workflows
9.1 Creating Workflows Quiz
9.2 Creating Workflows Lab
10.0 TSL Basics
10.1 TSL Basics Quiz
10.2 TSL Basics Lab
11.0 Working with Files
11.1 Working with Files Quiz
11.2 Working with Files Lab
12.0 Functions
12.1 Functions Quiz
12.2 Functions Lab
13.0 Final Test
Advanced Tips & Tricks 1 - Advanced GUI Checkpoints
Advanced Tips & Tricks 2 - Advanced GUI Maps
Advanced Tips & Tricks 3 - Database Checkpoints Parameterization

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