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     TestDirector 8 Comprehensive Training Course


This is not the same as the Test Director public training course offered by Mercury Interactive, but a more comprehensive course  that is developed exclusively by We cover all the areas that you need to know to use TestDirector successfully. It includes TestDirector Administration (to include installation, Project Administrator and the TestDirector Server Manager), Requirements, Test Planning, Test Execution (manual and automated), Defect Tracking, quizzes, labs for every training section and a final test at the end. We include a downloadable Quick Reference Guide for TestDirector completely FREE.

Introduction : Basic-Intermediate
Intended Audience
New users of TestDirector
This is a self-paced training course. You will be provided with several presentations, quizzes and labs to perform in order to get some hands-on experience. Estimated time to take the presentation and labs is anywhere from 16-24 hours of actual work. We allow you 30 days to finish the course, but can extend it up to 60 days subject to approval.
Basic testing knowledge
Training Requirements
- Internet connection (56K dialup or better - DSL Recommended)
- Internet Explorer 5+
- Macromedia Flash player             Download
- Macromedia Authorware player    Download
- Adobe Acrobat Reader                 Download
Lab Exercises
Provided in the zip file download is a Microsoft Word document that will explain the lab work. There is also a TestDirector project included that will also be used during the training
Course Outline
The course outline includes the following training chapters or activities:
0.0 - Online Training Introduction
        - Navigation
        - Structure
        - Lab Environment
        - Sample Quiz
1.0 - Administration
        - TestDirector Introduction
        - Installation
        - Site Administration
        - Customization
        - Quiz
2.0 - Requirements
        - What are Requirements?
        - Requirements in TestDirector
        - Customizing Requirements
        - Requirement Details
        - Dealing with Test Cases
        - Analysis
        - Quiz
3.0 - Test Plan
        - What is a Test Case?
        - Test Plan Tree
        - Test Cases
        - Customization
        - Automated Test Cases
        - Analysis
        - Quiz
4.0 - Test Lab
        - What is a Test Set?
        - Create a Test Set
        - Executing Manual Test Cases
        - Executing Automated Tests
        - Test Run Properties
        - Analysis
        - Quiz
5.0 - Defects
        - What is a Defect?
        - Adding Defects
        - Customization
        - Status Flow
        - Defect Grid
        - Analysis
        - Quiz
6.0 - Tools
        - Grammar
        - Document Generator
        - Tools Menu Features
        - TestDirector Standard Plug-ins
        - TestDirector Macros
        - Quiz
7.0 - Summary and Final Exam
        - TestDirector Summary
        - Exam
6.5 - Quick Reference Guide to TestDirector (PDF file)

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