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     SilkTest Foundations


This course is the official Segue Software course designed for online training and comes with many features. This course helps you in passing the Segue Certified SilkTest Engineer exam (SCSTE). This course is not only designed for companies, but for individuals who do not have access to the tool. By signing up for this course you get to download an evaluation version of SilkTest to install on your desktop and perform the lab exercises.

Introduction - Intermediate
Intended Audience
New users to SilkTest! By the conclusion you will know how to develop a fully functional automated test suite that can test a standard GUI and web based application. It will also help you get a grasp on understanding the tool and getting you started with test automation.
Note: This is a self-paced training course. You will be provided with several presentations, quizzes and labs to perform in order to get some hands-on experience. Estimated time to take the presentation and labs is anywhere from 24 hours to 48 hours. You get 14 days from the start date to finish the training materials.

Successful course participants demonstrated:

  • Familiarity with a Windows environment
  • Ability to navigate in an Internet or intranet environment
  • Familiarity with scripting or structured programming
  • Experience testing web applications (manually)

Course Structure
The course is designed around an instructor supervised self-taught learning model. A typical course setting includes multi-media based tutorials, hands on exercises, online documentation, and a Q&A discussion board. Each course is offered over a two-week period generally starting the first week of each month. During this time, a Segue certified instructor will monitor the student's progress and will also activate the different course modules. In addition, the instructor will review the exercise submissions, and will answer, in a reasonable time, any questions posted to the discussion board. If needed, a live on-line session will be scheduled to clarify any topics where students may be having difficulty understanding the concepts. Those that successfully complete this course, will have the opportunity the continue the certification process by enrolling in the Testing with the 4 Test Language Course.

Training Requirements
- Internet connection (DSL is not required for this course)
- Internet Explorer 5+
Lab Exercises
Provided in the self-extracting download is a Microsoft Word document that will explain the lab work. And the lab environment will be provided for you to download and install locally on your system
Course Outline
The course outline includes the following training chapters or activities:
  • Create, display and edit a master plan composed of sub plans
  • Build a test frame and capture information about the pages in an application under test
  • Create a user defined base state method
  • Create application states for an application under test
  • Create script files containing test cases that implement the tests described in the test plan
  • Record test cases and link them to test plans
  • Create property sets
  • Report on testing progress and manage test plan results

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